Proxemic Media, simply put, believes that artists should be able to have full focus on developing their craft and artistic vision without having to also handle the administrative details. More often than not, artists have to be their own administrators – seeking a venue, raising funds, handling marketing, and their work is undoubtedly affected. But, what happens when an artist has access to an affordable, customizable, pro-active arts administration team who can aid in manifesting his/her vision? Answering this question is the primary mission of Proxemic Media.

Through a consultation with artists, our team gains a deeper understanding of the artist’s vision for a self-produced show or project. Depending on the scale and budget of the show / project, we work with the artist to develop a logistical plan for bringing their work to life from finding the right venue to marketing to a desired audience.

Another important part of our work is through producing ideas of our own that synthesize multiple artists, social topics and unique, non-traditional venue spaces in Durham, North Carolina. Our ideas come to us in the form of logistics and then we seek artists to assist in the creative portion.



Weise has developed over ten years of arts administration experience working for renowned arts companies such as the American Dance Festival, Pilobolus, and within the proliferating arts community at Duke University in the Ticketing and Theater Operations department as well as the Nasher Museum of Art. From marketing and advertising to ticketing and venue management to audience services, the through-line of her career in the arts has been customer service. Whether the “customer” is a presenter, an artist or an audience member, Weise always works to anticipate their needs one step ahead thereby creating a pro-active, productive working environment. A professionally trained dancer, Weise has a unique understanding and perspective of choreographers needs as they seek to manifest their vision.