springing this baby into gear

While the company has technically been in existence since 2007, I am just now bringing this baby, Proxemic Media, to real life. A decade is quite the incubation period! (And for someone who is learning first-hand what the incubation period is for human creation [several months to go!], a decade is a bit hard to fathom. Yet, here I am: ready to give birth, to spring this baby into gear, in more ways than one.)

For the past decade I have honed the skills and clarified the company’s vision: to assist artists administratively as they bring their vision to life, and to bring the public closer to art. Naturally, the path has not been linear nor has it been carved with ease. But, the time has indeed arrived for this company to be shared with the world, fulfilling its purpose one consultation and one performance at a time.

Through careful planning and organizing dance performances in both traditional and non-traditional spaces for a variety of companies, organizations and institutions, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and useful insights. The more artists can incubate their own ideas / dreams / expressions without being inhabited by details of bringing them to the public – from finding a venue to funding, and marketing to organizing front of house – the more the creative economy has room to proliferate.

Stay tuned to this blog not only for updates on performances, but also for commentary on industry practices and helpful resources!